Image credits: Erick Houli on Flickr under Creative Commons license


I am sharing some important information about emperor cichlids, the largest among peacock cichlids


Endemic to Lake Tanganyika, can be found up to 150 feet deeper in the lake


23 -27 degrees


  •  Largest of African cichlid species

  •  fully grown size can vary from 45 to 55 cm


They are omnivores but it is good to offer them live or frozen bloodworm, sludge worm, brine shrimp, chopped prawns, small earthworms


  •  Juveniles are calm but as they grow up they become aggressive

  •  Emperor peacock cichlids will not tolerate any other species in their territory when they from a couple

  •  Males are more colourful, aggressive and bigger than female emperor peacock cichlids


Sexual maturity is obtained at nearly four hundred millimetres of length and over 2 years older. Courtship is initiated by the feminine and up to ten thousand eggs are deposited on a rocky surface. These eggs are laid in batches with the male moving in to fertilise them each time. Only a small percentage survive to attain maturity.