Image credits: Mike Vallee on Flickr under Creative Commons license



Red peacock cichlids are very beautiful aquarium fish, I have given some important information about Red Peacock Cichlids


  •  Their colour is generally Red

  •  Fully grown adult fish size is approximately 15 cm

  •  Male is more colourful and looks very attractive during the breeding season

  •  Male have egg spots on anal fins and slightly more pointed dorsal fins than female

Life span:

7 to 10 years


  •  Red peacock cichlids are originated from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa which is the 9th largest lake in the world

  •  Peacock cichlids are available in 20 varieties

  •  Cichlids are not natural fish, years of breeding make them and now this fish doesn't have any natural habitat

  •  It is an aquarium fish


  •  Red peacock cichlids are semi-aggressive

  •  Relatively clam than other cichlids

  •  Red peacock cichlids actively hunt other small species of the tank

  •  Red peacock cichlids become very aggressive when their area was taken by other fish


  •  Keeping multiple female fishes with one male will give relief to the egg carrying mother red peacock cichlid

  •  Three to four female fish is good with one male fish

  •  Red peacock cichlid couples having babies can be aggressive to other fishes of the tank to protect their babies, keeping them in a separate breeding tank will be a good idea


  •  Meaty foods are their favourite food but In general, they are omnivores

  •  Give them very high-quality cichlid pellets

  •  Red peacock cichlids are bottom dwellers, which means they shift small stones to search for foods like planktons, small insects, larvae etc.

What can be given as food to red peacock cichlids?

  •  Mixture of shrimps

  •  Blood worms

  •  Spirulina

  •  Frozen Daphnia